Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Customer Requests!

These 3 blankets are Customer Requests. They are shown as front and back and 2 of them were requested to have the pocket.

The 1st was a request for Dragons and Knights because their son's middle name is Knight. I do have more of the dragons but not of the knights, but I can order more if wanted. I also have the dragons in a blue background (if you are interested I can email pictures). Thank You Danny and Amber!

This one is Stars. They are doing their sons room all in stars and wanted a blanket to match. They saw the Knights and Dragons Blanket and loved the black edge and wanted it repeated. The fabric with the moons on it is flannel. Thank You Tyler and Krystal!

This one does not have a pocket. It was made for a friends niece. Thank You Crystal!

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