Sunday, November 15, 2009


I was tired of trying to find dresses to fit my girls. They were either not cute enough, not appropriate for there age, or too expense so I decided to make them some. They turned out really well and the girls really like them. They like them so well in fact that they love to play dress up with them.

My first Craft Fair!

My friend Anny called me on Nov. 6th and said "I signed up for a booth at the Craft Fair at the Best Western next weekend and I won't have my stuff done. Do you want it?" I said Yes and spent the week making blankets and burp rags. I had enough in fabric in storage to make atleast 8 blanket fronts (it's all I have time for). I did buy fabric for a couple of the boarders and backs and the batting. I spent one day making burp rags and made 34.

I had a lot of fun even though it was kind of slow. The first day I only sold 1 burp rag. The second day I sold 7 burp rags. I made $34. Not one of my blankets sold but I had a lot of people comment about them being very nice and great colors. There is another Craft Fair coming up in a couple of weeks so I'm going to spend some time to increase and expand my inventory. At the next one I hope to have dresses, outfits and pajama's also available.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Customer Requests!

These 3 blankets are Customer Requests. They are shown as front and back and 2 of them were requested to have the pocket.

The 1st was a request for Dragons and Knights because their son's middle name is Knight. I do have more of the dragons but not of the knights, but I can order more if wanted. I also have the dragons in a blue background (if you are interested I can email pictures). Thank You Danny and Amber!

This one is Stars. They are doing their sons room all in stars and wanted a blanket to match. They saw the Knights and Dragons Blanket and loved the black edge and wanted it repeated. The fabric with the moons on it is flannel. Thank You Tyler and Krystal!

This one does not have a pocket. It was made for a friends niece. Thank You Crystal!

Past Work

I thought that maybe you might like to see my past work. So here are a couple of blankets that I have made. The first one was made for a co-worker's granddaughter. The second was made for my son. It has the ties on the top of the quilt. The 3rd is all flannel and was made for my neice. I let her pick out the fabrics she wanted and it turned out pretty cute.

The blue one is just two flannel fabric sewn together then crocheted around the edge. The Care Bears one is for my oldest daughter. It is tied with the International Quilting Stitch where the ties are in the inside of the quilt instead of on the outside (her first blanket had the ties on the top-she called them fuzzies-but she would pull on them and eventually pulled them all out. When I made this blanket I did the IQS and she was so mad at me. She wanted her fuzzies). The Elephant and Giraffe blanket is for my other daughter. I hand stitch all the elephants and giraffes. It took me quite a while but it turned out really cute so it was worth it. The pillow case in that picture was also something I made, to match the blanket (it is for a travel sized pillow though).

The rest of these are of the same pattern. I really like this design so most of my friends got this one. I did make some for girls also but I can't find the pictures of those. This was a lot of fun to make but took some time to do it.

These last 2 pictures are of the same quilt, front and back. This one also has a border on it that I didn't do on the other ones. All the ones of this design have been machine quilted.

I prefer to tie them and can tie them either with the International Stitch or with the ties on the top.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Flannel for Burp Rags

Walmart had a sale on flannel this last week and I got a good selection! I got 20 different fabrics and 19 of which I was able to 3 yards each. One of which I was only able to get 1 3/4 yards (butterflies with purple background). Of the 3 yards of fabric I will be able to get atleast 7 Burp Rags out of each, so there is enough to get more than one of the same kind if you want!