Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More for Tabitha

When Tabitha found out she was having a boy, she knew exactly what she wanted for her burp rags. I had seen the whale fabric in a couple of places and loved it. It fit right in with what she was wanting so I added a diaper envelope.

 These 2 burp rags and 1 from the picture above were for Stephanie Horton. She and Tabitha work together and had a joint baby shower. They went in the basket Tabitha made for Stephanie's present.
 Tabitha saw the robots on the black background fabric and fell in love with it. She bought about 3 or so yards of it and the green, blue, red, and yellow flannel. I had the robot squares left over from another blanket and had just enough to add to this one. I love the way it turned out and so did she!

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